Design Service Rates.

While every project is unique and requires a different amount of attention, we have some generalized pricing for some of our more common products and services. We can create your entire entire message from scratch, including images, verbiage and layout, but to be most effectively economic it's best if you provide all required images, logos and copy. We do have access to great stock photography and graphics if you don't have what you are looking for, and our creative team can easily design specific graphics if necessary. It is best to contact us for an estimate for your design project before you order as it may require additional services or time that is not covered by our generalized pricing.

All design work is billed at $90/hour. Each design includes one round of revisions with each additional round being billed in 15-minute increments.

Basic Typesetting covers editing or reflowing text, spelling correction and punctuation error correction.

Image Correction/Photo Manipulation covers the conversion of photos from RGB to CMYK, correcting color of images, cropping, resizing and minor touch-ups.

File Correction/Adjustment covers simple image adjustments, manipulation/repositioning of artwork to ensure proper printing, and bleed correction.